Typical Vapor Intrusion projects

Investigation of Industrial Facility

Anderson Mulholland conducted a vapor intrusion investigation using EPA guidelines at a petroleum storage facility. The data was used as part of a facility-wide risk assessment.

Major components of the investigation included: designing of sampling plan; installation of subslab sampling points; and Summa canister sampling for VOCs.

Investigation of Residential Neighborhood

Anderson Hulholland was retained to investigate a former dry cleaning facility. A VOC plume had migrated offsite and beneath a residential neighborhood.

Among the activities conducted by AMAI were: subslab sampling with probes and Summa canisters; indoor air sampling; ambient air monitoring; and installation of vapor mitigation systems. The neighborhood homes were placed in one of three categories based on state guidance and sampling results: (1) continued montoring, (2) installation of mitigation systems or (3) no further action.



Community Outreach/ Risk Communication

Establishing a good relationship with the community becomes vitally important for the successful outcome of the project once it becomes apparent that homes and other non-commercial facilities may be impacted by vapor intrusion.  AMAI has successfully designed and implemented community outreach plans in impacted neighborhoods. 

The services include: organization of and participation in public meetings; interaction with local media; creation of a site team for consistent approach to site questions; interaction with homeowners, homeowner associations, community groups, local environmental commissions, local governments, and first responders; educational outreach for residents and owners of homes where mitigation systems are needed; utility related issues; and training of field personnel who interact with residents.