Typical Regulatory Compliance projects

RCRA Facility Permitting
AMAI was retained by pharmaceutical manufacturing facility to secure a RCRA Permit for its hazardous waste management units. The project involved preparation of the following documentation:

  • A RCRA Part B Permit Application for the facility's hazardous waste management units, including six existing and one proposed storage tank and three liquid-injection incinerators
  • Trial Burn Plans for the three hazardous waste incinerators designed to demonstrate compliance with RCRA performance standards
  • A Site-Specific Risk Assessment which demonstrated that the incinerators do not pose an unacceptable risk to human health and the environment
Timely USEPA approval was received for all submissions. The facility has since been issued its Final RCRA Permit.

Underground Storage Tank Closures
AMAI was hired by a gasoline marketer to implement closure of USTs at 76 service stations. Activities included:

  • Preparation of a generic closure plan to cover closure activities at all locations.
  • Removal/decontamination or in-place closure of tanks and site restoration.
  • Collection of soil and groundwater samples as necessary.
  • Preparation of a Final Report for each service station including recommended programs for follow-up investigations of impacted soil and groundwater.
Tanks were successfully closed at all sites in accordance with Closure Plan performance standards. Environmental investigations are ongoing at selected sites.