Typical Site Investigation projects

RCRA Facility Investigation

AMAI designed and implemented a RCRA Facility Investigation as part of a RCRA Corrective Action Program being conducted at a petroleum refining facility. AMAI provided technical support in negotiating the Consent Order with USEPA and prepared a comprehensive RFI Work Plan which has been approved by USEPA and is currently being implemented. Major components of the RFI include:

  • Soil and groundwater investigations at 35 solid waste management units
  • Geophysical investigation of site geology
  • Delineation and monitoring of multiple subsurface free phase hydrocarbon plumes
  • Characterization of surface water/ groundwater interaction at the site

RCRA Corrective Action Program

AMAI was retained by a pharmaceutical manufacturing company to manage the RCRA Corrective Action Program being implemented at the facility. Soil and groundwater investigations have been completed at a number of solid waste management units (SWMUs) at which releases of organic compounds have been documented. Major activities have included:

  • Delineation of soil and groundwater contamination at a tank farm formerly containing 26 underground storage tanks in which chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents were stored.
  • Design and implementation of a site-wide program for the collection of geochemical data demonstrating that intrinsic bioremediation of contaminants in groundwater is occurring.
  • Preparation of Corrective Measure Study Reports recommending source area soil removal and treatment and passive groundwater remediation at a number of SWMUs.